Master's Program

Overview of the M.A. Program

This program is intended for people interested in innovating, developing, designing, implementing and assessing technology-enhanced environments in education, communities, industry and government; additionally, for those interested in developing academic careers as researchers and teachers in the field of educational technologies in colleges and Universities. Graduates of the program go on to many professions, such as academic careers in educational technology, teaching in higher-educational institutions, teacher professional development programs, as technology coordinators in K-12 schools, educational departments in high-tech companies, development of educational programs and games, design of technology-enhanced learning environments, and advising governmental institutions in local and state decision-making. 

Structure of the Program

Studies in the Department of Educational Technologies have two tracks: Thesis (Track A) and Non-Thesis (Track B). The program aspires to develop each one of its students by focusing on personal apprenticeship of the students. To graduate from the program with a thesis (Track A), students must complete 36 course credits including 2 intensive research papers. These papers give students first-hand research experience and fill an important role to prepare students for empirical research in their theses. In the non-thesis track, students must complete 40 course credits, including 3 intensive research papers, two of which are under the supervision of course instructors. During their second year of study, track B students complete supervised authentic projects in the field, concluding in a final paper that summarizes the impact and findings of their project. 

Program Requirements

To get accepted to the program, you must meet all the general requirements of the Department of Education at the University of Haifa. In addition to these, you must meet the following criteria:

  • B.A. from an accredited post-secondary institution within Israel or internationally
  • At least 2 majors, one of which must be in education (and if not, you may be requested to complete remedial classes)
  • Minimum grade of 80 in an English entrance exam of the University
  • Minimum grade of 80 in all remedial courses

Selection Process

Acceptance into the program is based on a personal interview, recommendations, a written essay, Bachelor’s degree grades, English entrance exam, and an application form.  

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