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Dr. Ido Roll - Failing the task, winning the lesson - on novel educational technologies that prepare students for future learning

posted May 28, 2012, 9:37 AM by Yotam Hod
Seminar on 6.6.12.
It is commonly believed that success during training is necessary to achieve robust learning. That is, successful task completion and successful learning are often mistaken for one another. In this talk I will challenge this idea by demonstrating the effectiveness of instructional activities that prepare students for future learning, even when students fail during the initial learning period (Kapur, 2008; Roll, Aleven, & Koedinger, 2009; 2011; Schwartz & Martin, 2004). Common to these approaches is the facilitation of carefully structured open-ended problems prior to instruction and practice.
In this talk I will unpack one type of these expository activities, named Invention Activities. I will describe a series of classroom studies at the middle-school and college levels in which we identified critical task elements and cognitive processes that prepare students for future learning. I will also discuss the scalability of this approach using the Invention Lab and Invention Support Environment, intelligent discovery-learning environments that use a combination of modeling approaches to adapt the task to students' prior knowledge. Last, I will identify implications for instructional design and adaptive educational technologies. 

Ido Roll is a research associate in the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative and the Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology in the University of British Columbia, and a researcher in the Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center (LearnLab). Ido's research focuses on using adaptive technologies to help students become more capable, curious, creative, and collaborative learners. More specifically, Ido studies the nature of skills and dispositions related to scientific-­inquiry and self­‐regulated learning. Ido has published numerous papers in the fields of education and the learning sciences, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, learning analytics, educational data mining, and human-­computer interaction. More can be found on his website, idoroll.org.

When? Wednesday, June 6, 2012
15:45 - 16:15 - Reception
16:15 - 17:45 - Presentation and Q&A
Where? Education Building, University of Haifa, Room 362
No advanced registration is necessary - This seminar is free of charge for guests
Questions: ayelet.becher@edtech.haifa.ac.il