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Prospective Students

Are you interested in furthering your studies in the exciting field of education and technology?  If so, you have found the right place.  Prospective students are encouraged to contact us to get more information about our unique learning community and to take the first step in becoming a part of it!

Why Haifa?

The University of Haifa sits atop the beautiful Carmel Mountain, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea from Israel's northeastern-most point through the Carmel Forest and beyond.   As the primary University of Israel's north, there are a diversity of students including Arab, Jewish, Druze, Christain, Muslim, and many more from across Israel and the world.  In addition, as one of Israel's premier research Universities, you will get an academic experience that includes many distinguished faculty.   

Academic Requirements of the Program

To get accepted to the program, you must meet all the general requirements of the Department of Education at the University of Haifa.  In addition to these, you must meet the following criteria:
  • B.A. from an accredited post-secondary institution within Israel or internationally
  • At least 2 majors, one of which must be in education (and if not, you may be requested to complete remedial classes)
  • Minimum average of 80
  • Minimum grade of 80 in an accredited English program or of the Haifa University entrance exam

What is studied in the Technologies in Education Program?

Courses in the Technologies in Education Program deal with four main aspects of technology in education: Teaching and Learning, Technology, Design, and Methodology.  
  • Teaching and Learning - Learning processes, instruction and teaching, and assessment; psychology of learning, and cognitive aspects of learning.  
  • Technology - Characteristics, innovations, future developments, potential use of emergent technologies in education.
  • Design - Design of technology-enhanced learning environments
  • Methodology - Main research methodologies focused on research that deals with the integration of technology in education. 
The program aspires that students will be exposed to these four aspects of technologies in education throughout their studies. In each one of these, both theory and practice are studied.  

What type of background in computers is required?

Prospective students are required to have computer fluency (Office, websites, internet, mail, etc.).  A background in computer programming is not required.  Students must bring laptops with them to classes.

What can you do with a Master's Degree from this program?

Today there is a growing need for education or training specialists to support the utilization and deployment of new technologies (software and hardware). Large Hi-Tech companies such as IBM, Intel and Microsoft have their own training departments to address their internal and external learning needs. In smaller companies (Such as: Beeper Motorola) it is usually the Human Resources department who takes care of the training needs or simply outsource it to consulting companies (who provides learning solutions and training products). Those companies are usually seeking for instructional designers, developers or project managers. Of course, background in education and technology is important as well as your ability and willingness to consistently learn about new technologies, understand the learning needs of your audience and to be able to execute your expertise.

The Innovative Technology in Education MA program will give you a better understanding of how to improve learning and how to leverage teaching using different methods and technologies. It will provide you with different learning theories and possibilities. The understanding of how people learn is what will set you apart in the job market. If you are interested in learning about some of the technologies currently used to deliver learning solutions in the market today there are several Websites that can give you more information of what's out there.