About us

The Technologies in Education Program is intended for individuals wishing to gain expertise in the design, implementation, evaluation and research of educational programs in technology-rich environments. Relevant contexts for using such expertise include schools, informal education programs, industrial and governmental systems, colleges and universities. The program focuses on learning from a number of interacting perspectives, namely, cognition, education and special education, psychology, design and social context. The approach is inter-disciplinary and the courses offer close encounters with faculty and peers, as well as an opportunity to join and create research projects.

Graduates of the program integrate into a variety of fields of employment such as:
  • Academic career in the field of educational technology
  • Teaching in higher education institutes, in colleges for teachers as well as in schools that teach subjects related to educational technologies
  • Training in the field of advanced educational technologies in the formal and informal education systems
  • Work in the training departments of knowledge industries (hi-tech)
  • Development of educational software, games and programs
  • Design of an online teaching environment
  • Consulting to policy makers