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Tinker Plots Workshop on Statistical Reasoning, 12-14.2.2014

posted Jan 22, 2014, 12:40 AM by Yotam Hod
Friends of the educational technologies program are invited to attend part of a three day workshop on TinkerPlots software for the development of statistical reasoning, to be held in Dalyat-al-Karmel on 12-14 Februrary, 2014. 

The conference, which is being organized by Dr. Dani Ben-Zvi as part of the LINKS I-CORE center, will host two international guests: Cliff Konold (USA) and Rolf Biehler (Germany). 

Friends of the program are invited to attend an open meeting, which will be held on 13.2.2014, in the afternoon. For more information, contact Keren Aridor,

The complete invitation can be seen below.