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Congratulations to Dr. Dani Ben-Zvi for being awarded by the British Academy

posted Mar 31, 2012, 10:22 PM by Yotam Hod
Dr. Dani Ben-Zvi, head of the educational technologies program and member of the faculty of mathematics education, was awarded by the British Academy for his research on "Children's interpretation of graphs through active statistical modeling", for the years 2012-2014. 

The award was given to Dr. Ben-Zvi along with his colleagues Prof. Janet Ainley (University of Leicester) and Prof. Dave Pratt (University of London) by the UK's National Academy for the Humanities and Social Sciences. 

The research connects between two different approaches to statistical teaching, each of with has advantages and limitations. One of these - Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) - focuses on the creative investigation of various representations of data without the use of probability. The second - Active Graphing (AG) - was developed to help young learners understand graphs, using them as analytical tools when conducting an experiment. By combining both approaches, the study is designed to offer a significant contribution to teaching statistics at school.