The Edtech seminar - 6.6.2018

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The Edtech seminar - 16.5.2018

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The Edtech Seminar - 2/5/2018

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Congratulations to Prof. Yael Kali

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Congratulations to associate Prof. Yael Kali, head of the Educational Technologies Graduate Program and director of the Learning in a NetworKed Society (LINKS) center, who was a distinguished keynote speaker at the 12th International Conference of the Learning Sciences in Singapore. The conference theme was Transforming Learning, Empowering Learners and Yael's talk dealt with: Transformative Learning in Design Research: The Story Behind the Scenes. 

The audience responded very positively to the talk and to the need to deepen the discussion on the subject within the community. One of the responses to the talk was Prof. Eric Hamilton's, a leading researcher in the field of the learning sciences:

"I am sure you have had an abundance of positive feedback from the talk you gave yesterday.  It was one of the best, most richly layered and thoughtful, most effectively delivered keynotes I have ever heard.  Please know you did the ICLS community - and the learners it serves - a great service yesterday."

The talk abstract:

Transformative Learning in Design Research: The Story Behind the Scenes

Design research, from its inception and until today, when it constitutes a leading method in the learning sciences, has sought to explore how learning is shaped by design. Of particular interest has been the type of learning known as transformative, one that results not so much in the recognition of new facts about matters under study as in a reorganization of the ways of looking at, and thinking about, those matters. Yet, whereas the design research literature is full of reports about transformative learning of students, much less attention is paid to transformative learning frequently experienced in parallel by the researchers themselves. The focus of this talk is on those unplanned, often surprising ways in which researchers arrive at insights that revolutionize their thinking about the phenomena they investigate. As illustrated by the few cases in which researchers did write on the winding roads they travelled to arrive at those insights, reflective analyses of our own learning can become quite useful for other researchers, and in those instances in which we conduct our studies in collaborative partnerships with teachers and school leaders, it can also be of great value to practitioners and, eventually, to their students.

In this presentation I introduce the term Design Researchers' Transformative Learning (DRTL) and create a conceptual framework for studying, and reporting about, the phenomenon it signifies. The main tenet of this framework is that design research provides a fertile ground for transformative learning among those who conduct it. This kind of learning happens due to two types of processes that are inherent to design research: (a) boundary crossing in teacher-researcher partnerships, and (b) blending analytical and creative mindsets. I illustrate the use of the DRTL framework by analyzing two case-study design research projects portraying these types of processes. In sum, I suggest to expand the dual-focus view of design research, which includes developing theory and promoting design knowledge and practice, to a triple-focus view that includes DRTL processes as well. Embracing DRTL as a third focus of design research will require the community of the learning sciences to consider alternative means for sharing and publishing design research.

Special Issue on Revisiting Learning Communities: Innovations in Theory and Practice

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Led by Prof. Dani Ben-Zvi and Dr. Yotam Hod from our program, and in collaboration with Prof. Kate Bielaczyc from Clark University, we are soliciting proposals for papers for a special issue of Instructional Science, an international peer-reviewed journal devoted to educational theory and practice from the learning sciences, addressing the theme of learning community research over the past two decades, with a particular aim of eliciting the innovations in their conceptualizations, methodological approaches, and designs. Thus, we are seeking theoretical or empirical papers that touch upon any of the following:


      What new conceptualizations of LCs have emerged?

      What are the dynamic patterns of collaboration in LCs?

      What are the inter-relations of individual and LC development?

      How do students’ practices and identities change within LCs?

      What is the process of norm emergence in LCs?

      What new methods have emerged to research LCs?

      What are the different scales of time in LC research?

      What design principles underlie the design of LCs?

      What is the role of digital tools in LCs?

The above list of questions are not exhaustive. We encourage authors to suggest topics of interest related to the special issue theme as well. For more information, please read the full Call for Papers, which is attached and available at interested should submit a 300-500 word synopsis in this online form, outlining the content of the proposed paper by Nov 30, 2015. Please follow APA style for reference citations.


Kindly share within your networks those who you think might be interested. We apologize for cross-postings. If you have any questions, please contact Yotam Hod: 

Invitation to the 2nd Israeli Learning Sciences Conferences, Feb 1, 2015

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On Feb 1, 2015, the Hebrew University will be hosting the 2nd annual Learning Sciences Conferences. To register for the conference, please click on the following link. As part of the registration process, you will be asked to sign up for 2 specific workshops. Also, for early scholars (MA-thesis, doctoral, and post-docs), there will be a poster sessions run by BICYCLES. Please visit their website for more information and to register. 

If you have any questions, contact Maya Resnick at

Start of the 2014-2015 Academic Year!

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We wish good luck to our entire community of learners, instructors, researchers, and staff!

Over the summer, the faculty worked very hard to build a rich program for the year, which includes several new courses, new programs, an exciting seminar series, and attracting some wonderful researchers from around the world to join us. 

On behalf of the entire Faculty, have a fruitful and enjoyable semester.

Dr. Oren Golan

Edtech students develop prototype games for the University Library

posted Mar 18, 2014, 12:15 AM by Yotam Hod

This past semester (Fall 2013/14), in Dr. Sarit Barzilai's course "Introduction to Digital Games and Learning", students developed mobile games to teach others about how to use the University Library. The students learned about the challenges of designing such digital games as part of the process of creating their prototypes. The games were developed in collaboration with the University Library staff. You can read more about this on the University Library blog:

Tinker Plots Workshop on Statistical Reasoning, 12-14.2.2014

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Friends of the educational technologies program are invited to attend part of a three day workshop on TinkerPlots software for the development of statistical reasoning, to be held in Dalyat-al-Karmel on 12-14 Februrary, 2014. 

The conference, which is being organized by Dr. Dani Ben-Zvi as part of the LINKS I-CORE center, will host two international guests: Cliff Konold (USA) and Rolf Biehler (Germany). 

Friends of the program are invited to attend an open meeting, which will be held on 13.2.2014, in the afternoon. For more information, contact Keren Aridor,

The complete invitation can be seen below.

1st Israeli Learning Sciences Conference

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Come to the first annual Israeli Learning Sciences Conference! It will be held on January 28th, 2014, from 8:30am-5:00pm at the University of Haifa. See the invitation in the image below, which also includes registration instuctions. E-mail for information.

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